Pulling you out of a tough situation.

St. Louis Winch Outs

Is your car stuck in a ditch, fallen off road, or in mud so deep, you can’t get it out? Our St. Louis winch out service is ready to help. 

Whenever your vehicle is too stuck for you to get it out on your own, Platinum Towing & Transport is ready to help. Our professional team has the right vehicles and tools to pull your car out safely and tow it as well.


What Is a Winch Out?

Winch out is a towing service that pulls vehicles out of spots or situations where they have become stuck. The most common places for St. Louis vehicles to get stuck are ditches and deep mud. However, snow, water, and other substances can also render a vehicle inoperable. 

The name winch out comes from the device we use to get your car out of a tough situation. Winches are machines with heavy-duty wire rope or cable that winds around a strong drum and has a large hook at the end. The hook is secured to your vehicle and the wire rope or cable wounds to generate the force that pulls your car out.

When Is a Winch Out Needed?

Essentially, if your car is stuck and your efforts to move it are not getting results or even making the situation worse, you need a winch out. Sometimes, these situations happen on their own; in other cases, they are the result of an accident. No matter the cause, professional winch out service is essential. 

Can You DIY a Winch Out?

We know that in St. Louis, everyone has a friend with a pickup and a rope ready to pull you out of a ditch. The question is if this is the correct and safe choice to make.

Ultimately, any form of DIY towing is risky. Ropes and chains break and cause injuries, and if you aren’t an expert, you can easily damage both vehicles as well. Benefits of turning to a professional include: