Getting your vehicle out of a bad situation.

St. Louis Winch Outs

Has your truck, van, or SUV ended up off road or stuck in the mud? Turn to our St. Louis medium-duty winch out service for help.

Platinum Towing & Transport is here for you whenever your vehicle is too stuck to get out on your own. We have the right equipment and training to pull your van or truck out safely and tow it, helping you get back on the road.


What Is a Winch Out?

Winch outs are a type of towing service designed to remove vehicles of any size from difficult spots. Heavy vehicles often get stuck in mud, but ditches, snow, and water are also culprits when it comes to stuck vehicles. 

The term winch out comes from the device used to pull vehicles out when they are trapped. Winches are machines with heavy-duty wire rope or cable wrapped around a drum and a hook at the end. This hook is secured to the vehicle that needs to be pulled out, while the winch motor turns the drum, pulling the cable and generating the force that pulls your truck or van out of its spot.

When Is a Winch Out Needed?

Whenever your van or truck is stuck and you cannot safely work it out on your own, you need a St. Louis winch out service. Keep in mind that these situations can develop on their own, such as parking on grass that becomes too muddy after a storm, or they can be the result of an accident, such as a roll over into a ditch. No matter what leads to needing a winch out, Platinum Towing & Transport can deliver the help you need.

Can You Go DIY With Winch Outs?

Getting a stuck vehicle unstuck requires a larger truck with a lot of power. While you might be able to remove a small car from a ditch with a pickup truck, your friend with an F-150 isn’t going to rescue your SUV. 

In truth, there is no safe form of DIY towing. Ropes and chains can break can cause injuries, or even death, and without an expert driver, you could damage both vehicles. Instead, turn to the professionals.