Moving your van out of a tough situation.

St. Louis Van Towing

Whenever you need your van towed, it is a stressful situation—accident or not. Our St. Louis van towing service is equipped to move larger passenger vehicles, including minivans, camper conversions, and crew vans. All you need to do is call Platinum Towing & Transport and we will be on our way to help you. 


What to Do When Your Van Needs Towing

When your van breaks down or suffers an accident, it is easy to panic. However, the key to getting the best possible outcomes is to stay calm. If you are in a situation where your van needs towing, take the following steps.

Be Safe

Your van may break down in an empty parking lot or even your driveway. If so, lucky you. Most breakdowns and accidents happen on high-traffic roads, which means step number one is to ensure your safety and that of others.

If possible, get your van off the road and to the right-hand side. Next, try to make your van visible to other drivers. Turn on your hazard lights, and if you can do so safely, place cones and flares as well.

Remember that sometimes, the only safe option is to remain in your van with your seatbelt on. Evaluate your situation carefully and make the best choice for you.

Contact Police and Towing

If your car has simply broken down, you do not need to call the police unless it is posing a threat to other drivers. However, after an accident, you need to call emergency services.

If you need police as well, call the tow truck after they give you the go-ahead. If you don’t, make us your first call.

Gather Paperwork

Once the tow truck is on the way, you will want to gather the documents you’ll need. These include proof of insurance, registration, and personal identification. It is also ideal to get the address of your mechanic so where know exactly where we are going when we leave.

From here, you just need to stay safe and wait for your Platinum Towing & Transport driver to arrive.