Getting your truck to safety.

St. Louis Truck Towing

No matter why you need St. Louis truck or SUV towing, it’s a bad day. Platinum Towing & Transportation works to make it as low stress as possible for you. Our truck towing service arrives quickly, takes your truck to where you need it, and offers affordable pricing. Let us get you moving again.


What to Do When Your Truck Needs Towing

If you have never had your truck break down on the side of the road, you might not know how to handle the situation. The first step is not to panic; you have experts on your side. The next steps are as follows. 

Be Safe

With luck, your truck or SUV is in an empty parking lot or other safe place. However, there is a strong chance your breakdown or accident took place on a high-traffic road. Start by turning on your hazard lights. If possible, get your truck off the road and on the right-hand side. Once there, determine if you can safely exit the vehicle to place cones, flags, or flares or if you need to stay inside with your seatbelt on.

Get Help

What help you need will depend on what has happened. If there has been an accident, you need to call the police and then a tow truck. If your car simply broke down, call a towing service.


Once you’ve called for St. Louis truck towing, you should grab proof of insurance, registration, and some form of ID. If you have a roadside assistance membership, get that card out. You should also get the address of your mechanic if you have a specific one you want to use. From there, you just wait safely until the tow truck driver arrives. When they do, they will have some paperwork for you to fill out. Then, your truck is pulled onto the towing vehicle, you are given your documentation, and we head off.