Moving tractor-trailers for repair or scrapping.

St. Louis Tractor & Trailer Towing

All tow jobs are complex in their own way, but larger vehicles introduce complications that require specialized equipment and training. Platinum Towing & Transport offers St. Louis tractor and trailer towing utilizing specialized haulers that ensure safety and efficacy. Whether you need to pull your backend out of a ditch or help after a crash, we are the team to turn to. 


Our Tractor-Trailer Towing

Platinum Towing & Transport maintains a fleet of heavy-duty haulers ready to move large machinery and trucks. With our equipment, we have towed bobtails and semi-tractor-trailers away from breakdowns and out of dangerous situations. We offer the following tractor-trailer towing services:

Regular Towing

Regular semi towing is for vehicles that have simply broken down. In other words, when all we need to do is load it up and drive off.

Accident Towing

This type of towing is for tractor-trailers that have been in some sort of collision, either with another vehicle or an object.

Rollover Towing

Due to their weight, it is common for tractor-trailers to get stuck in the mud and snow. Our recovery towing service pulls them out, and if needed, tows them away.

Recovery Towing

As a weighty vehicle, tow trucks become stuck in mud pretty often. Our heavy-duty recovery towing service pulls them out and then tows them.

Long-Distance Towing

If your semi needs towing to somewhere not in town, our long-distance towing service is here for you.

When you contact us about our tractor-trailer towing service in St. Louis, you will receive a tentative quote. Once we head to the site, your tow truck driver will fully assess the situation and amend the estimate as needed. As soon as you give the ok, we get you loaded up. Our goal is to have you back on the road again as soon as possible.