Getting your skid steers from Point A to Point B.

St. Louis Skid Steer Hauling

Are you looking for skid steer hauling in St. Louis? Platinum Towing & Transport is the team for you. We have a full fleet of transport vehicles ready to get your heavy equipment from Point A to point B. Whether you are moving across St. Louis or across the state, we are the service you need. 


About Skid Steer Hauling

When you purchased your skid steers, you made a significant investment in your company. No doubt, it is one you want to protect. If you lack the right hauling equipment, you need an expert team to turn to for moves.

Platinum Towing & Transport offers secure skid steer transportation for your St. Louis area business. We use specialty flatbed trailers that sit low to the ground, making loading and unloading easy while also ensuring clearance during travel time.

Preparing a Skid Steer for Transport

At Platinum Towing & Transport, we offer turnkey service, meaning we handle all steps of preparation and transportation. However, many business owners prefer to handle the preparation steps themselves. These are as follows.

Review the Manual

Your skid steer owner’s manual will outline the important steps for preparing your equipment for transport. If you no longer have the manual in your possession, chances are it is online. If not, email the company to get a PDF copy.

Protect Vulnerable Spots

Skid steers are pretty strong machines, and they have very few delicate parts. Still, we suggest the cab be protected, moving parts locked in place, and anything else suggested by the manual.

Position for Pickup

Our team is happy to move your skid steer from any location. However, our process will be faster if it is already in the right location for pickup. This allows us to quickly load the machine and head to the drop-off site.