Getting your scissor lifts from Point A to Point B.

St. Louis Scissor Lift Hauling

Platinum Towing & Transport is the team to turn to for St. Louis heavy haul services. We specialize in safely transporting all types of heavy machinery, including scissor lifts, throughout the St. Louis area. 

Our heavy-haul carriers come in multiple options, making it easy for us to offer the right option for your equipment. Our turnkey transportation service takes care of the entire process, from loading to unloading. If you need scissor lift transport in St. Louis, let Platinum get yours from Point A to Point B.


About Scissor Lift Hauling

Heavy equipment is a major investment, and as such, you can’t trust it to just anyone. When moving your scissor lifts, you need a heavy equipment transporter with significant experience and the right tools and vehicles for the job. 

In most cases, the right vehicle will either be a flatbed or standard trailer, which Platinum Towing & Transport offers. If you are looking to move more than just scissor lifts, we also can tow heavy equipment when necessary.

Preparing Scissor Lifts for Transport

Before heavy equipment can be transported, there are some important preparation steps to take. As the owner, you are welcome to assign these tasks to your team, or the Platinum haulers can do them for you. 

Review the Manual

If you no longer have this in your possession, don’t worry; more likely than not, you can download it online. Check to see if there are any special instructions for transporting the specific make and model of your scissor lift.

Protect Vulnerable Spots

Scissor lifts are typically transported in the open air on a flatbed trailer. Since this leaves the machines exposed to the elements, vulnerable parts should be covered. The manual should explain which parts are most in need of protection.

Position for Pickup

While we can move your scissor lifts from any location, the process will be faster if they are already in an open area with easy access to the loading area. If you have other equipment that makes loading easier, such as ramps or cranes, have those in place as well.