Pulling your vehicle out of tough spots.

St. Louis Recovery Towing

Towing trucks, vans, and SUVs is always a tricky task. However, certain factors can further complicate things. If your vehicle is in a bad location, stuck, or has rolled over, you’ll need St. Louis recovery towing. 

At Platinum Towing & Transport, we deliver professional truck and van recovery towing to St. Louis drivers. We handle the entire process, from planning the right approach to dropping your vehicle off with the mechanic.


What Is Recovery Towing?

Recovery towing is any towing service that helps recover a truck or van from a bad situation. This is different from breakdown and accident towing in that with those, vehicles are usually just being removed from the road or a parking lot. With recovery towing, vehicles may be in ditches, bodies of water, deep mud, and more. 

When Is Recovery Towing Needed?

Recovery towing is essential whenever a vehicle is in a bad position and cannot be freed through traditional towing methods. Our expert St. Louis recovery tow truck drivers can assess your situation and plan the best course of action.

What to Do When You Need Recovery Towing

The most urgent step is to get yourself and your passengers to safety. What this looks like will depend on the threats you face. If your car is sinking in a body of water, you need to get out of the vehicle and to dry land. If you are stuck in the mud, you might be better off remaining inside. 

Once you are safe, call emergency services. In most cases, recovery towing is related to some type of accident and you will at least need an accident report for your insurance company. 

Wait until the police indicate you should, then call Platinum Towing & Transport to arrange a recovery tow for your truck or van. We will arrive quickly with the equipment needed to safely retrieve your vehicle.