Getting your cargo safely back on the road.

St. Louis Load Shifts

Is the load for your current haul unbalanced? Do you need help to avoid being overweight at the scales? Not to worry; Platinum Towing & Transport is here for you. We have all the equipment on hand to shift your load and correctly distribute the weight, as well as trucks to help you haul your shipment. Our St. Louis load shift service is fast and effective, keeping you on track and on time.


Load Shift vs. Load Transfer

Load shifts and load transfers are both essential services for long- or short-haul truck drivers. However, they are quite different.

Regular Towing

Regular semi towing is for vehicles that have simply broken down. In other words, when all we need to do is load it up and drive off.

Load Shift

A load shift service is performed when your cargo is off balance. This can happen at the time of loading due to inexperienced or careless workers, or it can occur during transport thanks to severe curves, steep inclines, or close-calls where you had to slam on your brakes.

With a load shift, specialty equipment is used to reorganize your cargo so it is properly balanced and unlikely to shift again as you drive. If your truck is pulling too much to one side, this service can also include stabilizing the vehicle itself as the work is performed.

Load Transfer

With a load transfer, the goal is to move cargo from one vehicle to another to help clear weight limits or remove stress from the axles. Our team can simply move cargo between two of your company vehicles or provide our own truck for moving your items.

Signs You Need Load Shift Service

If you notice any of the following, it indicates your cargo is off balance and posing a safety risk: