Helping you pick up the pieces after an accident.

St. Louis Large Vehicle Rollover Towing

Experiencing an accident is never easy, but when you have a large vehicle rollover on your hands, it’s incredibly complicated. Platinum Towing & Transport offers heavy-duty rollover towing in St. Louis, righting your vehicle and removing it from the accident scene. 


Why Large Trucks Roll Over

The risk of a rollover comes down to numerous factors, including the height of the vehicle, the load its carrying, the path of the road, and the actions of the driver. Out of these, the only one drivers can control is their own choices. 

Even a stellar truck driver can experience a rollover due to the top-heavy nature of their vehicles and the weight of the trailer. Additionally, certain roads are just shaped in a way that makes rolling over all too easy.

Protecting Yourself After a Rollover Accident

The first thing you need to do is make sure you and others are safe. Turn off your engine as soon as you can, then, if you are healthy enough, start looking for ways you can safely remove yourself from the truck. If you are fully upside down, be careful not to fall and cause further injury. Keep an eye out for hazard like glass shards and pieces of metal. 

One you feel safe, call 911. A rollover involving a large vehicle is almost certain to have caused damage or injured others. Wait safely until help arrives.

As soon as the police indicate you should, call Platinum Towing & Transport to arrange for your heavy-duty rollover towing service in St. Louis. We will arrive with the equipment needed to get your vehicle back on its wheels, then loaded up and ready for transportation.