Getting your commercial vehicle out of dangerous spots.

St. Louis Large Vehicle Recovery Towing

Sometimes, towing jobs are straightforward. However, in many cases, things get complicated in a hurry. When it comes to heavy-duty vehicle recovery towing in St. Louis, things are complex from the get-go.

At Platinum Towing & Transport, we offer heavy-duty vehicle recovery towing designed to reduce your stress and get your vehicle where it needs to be.


What Is Recovery Towing?

This type of towing service describes situations where a vehicle is stuck in a way that standard towing will not move it. Instead, specialized equipment must be used to extract the vehicle, then get it onto a hauler for towing. Common places for heavy-duty vehicles to get stuck are mud, snow, and bodies of water.

When Is Recovery Towing Needed?

Standard heavy-duty towing can do a lot, even if a vehicle is a bit stuck. However, St. Louis recovery towing is necessary when your heavy-duty vehicle isn’t budging with a standard tow. Our expert drivers can assess the situation and determine whether or not recovery towing methods are needed. 

How to Handle Heavy-Duty Recovery Towing

As you should with any towing service, start by making sure you and your passengers are safe. What this means will vary based on your current circumstances. For example, if you are sinking into a large body of water, getting out is essential. If you are stuck in the mud, you can wait in the cab. 

Once you feel you are safe, contact the police. Incidents that lead to recovery towing almost always involve some type of accident and your insurance company may require a police report, even if no one is injured. 

After the police tell you it’s time to get a tow, Call Platinum Towing & Transport for your St. Louis heavy-duty recovery tow.