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St. Louis Large Vehicle Accident Towing

Experiencing an accident is incredibly stressful all on its own. But when your vehicle is a tractor-trailer, dump truck, or other large vehicle, you also have to worry about locating the right towing service. 

Platinum Towing & Transport offers quality heavy-duty towing service to the St. Louis area. We have the right trucks and equipment to safely move your vehicle and transport it for repair, storage, or scrapping.


Breakdown vs. Accident Towing

You might be surprised to hear it, but there is more than one type of heavy-duty towing. Out of the various options, two are the most common: breakdown and accident towing. 

Heavy-duty breakdown towing is designed to move large vehicles that have stalled or are otherwise not able to be driven. The goal is to get them out of the way and to a mechanic for repair. The process, while tricky due to the size of the vehicle, is fairly straightforward.

Accident towing is customized to the needs of the situation. It is possible that the heavy-duty vehicle will need to be winched out of a ditch, rolled over, or otherwise recovered in addition to being towed away. There is also the chance that pieces of the large truck will need to be recovered and hauled away as well.

What to Do if You Need Heavy-Duty Accident Towing

If you need heavy-duty accident towing in St. Louis, start by making sure you and those around you are safe. Place reflective markers around your truck to prevent other motorists from crashing into you, then, if possible, return to the cab and put your seatbelt on.

After this, call 911. They will secure the site of the accident and make the necessary reports. 

Once the police tell you to, contact Platinum Towing & Transport and arrange for an emergency heavy-duty accident tow. We will assess the situation, tailor our approach to your needs, and transport your vehicle to the location of your choosing.