Getting your graders from Point A to Point B.

St. Louis Grader Hauling

Do you have a need for grader hauling in St. Louis? Turn to the Platinum Towing & Transport team. We have a full fleet of vehicles capable of moving heavy equipment across the St. Louis area or for long-distance hauls. Let us get your grader from Point A to Point B.


About Grader Hauling

Graders are a specialized piece of heavy equipment and represent a significant investment in your business. If you don’t have the right vehicles for hauling them, you have to turn to others for transportation. 

But this isn’t easy. You need a team of experts who will move your grader safely, otherwise it puts your company at risk. Platinum offers secure grader transportation to St. Louis businesses. We use flatbed trailers that sit low to the ground, making them easy to load and unload.

Preparing a Grader for Transport

Platinum Towing & Transport offers turnkey service, which means we are happy to handle all preparation and transportation tasks. However, you can also take these on yourself if that is what’s best. Just let us know when we give you your quote so we can customize your service.

Review the Manual

The owner’s manual for your grader will detail any special steps we need to take before transporting your specific make and model. If you no longer have the paper copy, you can usually find a PDF version online. If not, contact the manufacturer.

Protect Vulnerable Spots

Your grader likely doesn’t have many delicate areas, but we suggest the cab be protected. If the manual specifies any other areas to guard, these should be covered as well.

Position for Pickup

Our team is happy to move your grader from any location. However, service will be faster if it is already in position for pickup. This allows us to quickly load and head to the drop-off site.