Getting your forklifts from Point A to Point B.

St. Louis Forklift Hauling

For top-notch St. Louis heavy haul service, turn to Platinum Towing & Transport. We specialize in the safe transportation of all types of heavy machinery, including forklifts. Our fleet offers multiple heavy haul carriers, allowing us to customize our service to your needs. We offer comprehensive service, including prepping the machinery, loading, and unloaded. Let us get your forklifts from Point A to Point B.


About Forklift Hauling

Industrial machinery, like forklifts, represents a significant investment in your business. Although these machines are tough, a lot can go wrong during transport. You need a heavy haul service with significant experience and the right vehicles for forklift shipping. 

In most cases, the best vehicle will be an open flatbed trailer, which we have as part of the Platinum Towing & Transport fleet. If you need to move equipment other than forklifts, we also feature other options, including heavy-duty towing.

Preparing Forklifts for Transport

There are some simple preparation steps that are vital to successful heavy haul transport. You are welcome to assign these tasks to your team or let us take them off your plate.

Review the Manual

If you no longer have a physical copy of your forklift’s manual, don’t panic; most likely, you can find it online through the manufacturer’s website. Download it and check to see if there are any special steps required for safe transport.

Add Protection

Flatbed trailers are open to the air, which leaves your forklift vulnerable to the weather conditions. Before your St. Louis forklift hauling service, the most delicate parts of the machine need to be protected.

Position for Loading

The Platinum team is happy to move your heavy equipment from any location, but for the fastest service, it is best to have them in an open area close to the space for loading. If you have anything on hand that could make loading easier, such as ramps or cranes, have those ready as well.