Getting your excavators from Point A to Point B.

St. Louis Excavator Hauling

For expert St. Louis excavator and other heavy equipment hauling, turn to Platinum Towing & Transport. We have a full fleet of vehicles designed for heavy-duty hauling and towing, making it easy for us to get your equipment from Point A to Point B. Enjoy our turnkey service and white-glove touch.


About Excavator Hauling

Excavators are some of the most expensive pieces of heavy equipment on the market. This means that yours represent a significant investment in your business. If you don’t have the right hauling equipment, you have to find a provider you can trust.

Platinum Towing & Transport moves excavators and most other large pieces of equipment with specialized flatbed trailers. These sit low to the ground, ensuring we can pass clearance on the interstates and highways. We have over a half dozen vehicles in our fleet, allowing us to move multiple items at once.

Preparing an Excavator for Transport

As part of our turnkey service, we are happy to prepare your excavator and other heavy equipment for transportation. You are also welcome to have your employees take care of these steps—whichever is best for you.

Review the Manual

Your owner’s manual will have important information on what steps need to be taken before your excavator is transported. If you no longer have a physical copy, check online for a PDF version. If you cannot find one, you can reach out to the manufacturer directly.

Protect Vulnerable Spots

Unlike smaller pieces of equipment, excavators are meant to be exposed to the elements. While this means there are few areas of concern, we do suggest at least protecting the cab.

Position for Pickup

For the fastest possible service, your excavator should be outside in the area where we will be loading it. However, we are happy to move it for you when we arrive. If necessary, you can prep the drop off site for easy unloading as well.