Moving dump trucks for repair or scrapping.

St. Louis Dump Truck Towing

Towing is always a delicate operation, but the larger the vehicle, the trickier it is. Dump trucks are massive vehicles designed to carry heavy loads and tow equally heavy machinery. 

If you need St. Louis dump truck towing, there is no point in wasting time talking to light-duty services. Platinum Towing & Transport offers heavy-duty towing in St. Louis, including dump truck towing. Our hauler can get your truck to wherever it is needed for repair, scrapping, or storage.


Our Dump Truck Towing Service

Here at Platinum Towing & Transport, we are equipped to work with vehicles of all sizes. When we approach heavy-duty towing, we start by being honest about the complexities and cost of the service. We offer the following dump truck towing services:

Regular Towing

Our standard St. Louis dump truck towing service is designed for straightforward situations where the vehicle has simply broken down.

Accident Towing

This service moves dump trucks that have been in a collision with another object or vehicle.

Rollover Towing

Due to their build, dump trucks can experience rollovers quite easily. Our service rights them, then tows them.

Recovery Towing

As a weighty vehicle, tow trucks become stuck in mud pretty often. Our heavy-duty recovery towing service pulls them out and then tows them.

Long-Distance Towing

Sometimes dump trucks need to be returned not to a local mechanic but a location thousands of miles away. Our long-haul service will get them where they need to be.

We will be able to give you a quote over the phone based on your description of the situation. From there, we will head to you and get to work. Our goal is to get you back on the road as soon as possible.