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St. Louis Dozer Hauling

Dozer or bulldozer is heavy machinery used to build roads, freeways, and bridges. It entails moving large amounts of dirt or other material. They can also be used for loading trucks, clearing land, and more. Moving them from one spot to another is not an easy task, and you’ll need the best hauling equipment.

Platinum Towing and Transport LLC offers transportation for heavy construction equipment throughout the country or city, including your bulldozer. Our expert loaders and drivers are capable of making lengthy journeys at any time that you need them. Discover why Platinum Towing and Transport LLC is the best hauling firm for your business, using only reputable, insured, and bonded drivers.


Time Is Money, And We Value Yours - Work With Us

We understand how crucial it is for contractors and homeowners to have their equipment delivered from one project location to the next safely and swiftly as a team of construction equipment transport experts. That is why Platinum Towing and Transport carefully selects the appropriate vehicle to carry your stuff. Enjoy the benefits when you hire us:

  • Platinum Towing and Transport specialize in hauling a bulldozer from anywhere to everywhere in St. Louis. We’re a big load and heavy equipment transport company that can move your bulldozer to any location quickly and economically.
  • Our expert haulers can transport any type of construction equipment or substantial hauls through busy cities or across open rural areas, wherever you need to transfer your building equipment or heavy loads.
  • Our professional heavy haul truckers are bonded and insured.
  • We offer a variety of flatbed trailers that are perfect for transporting heavy equipment, including dozers. Our fleet also includes other specialty vehicles that allow us to transport different types of machinery in the same trip as your dozer.


Preparing a Dozer for Transport

Prior to your St. Louis heavy hauling service, there are certain preparation steps to take. We welcome you to do these yourself or outsource them to us—whatever is most convenient for you.

Review the Manual

If you lost your manual a long time ago, don’t panic; these are usually available for download from the manufacturer. If you cannot find yours online, you should be able to call the company and have them send one to you via email. Look for any special requirements for transporting your dozer.

Cover Delicate Spots

Compared to other types of heavy machinery, dozers have very few vulnerable spots. In most cases, we just suggest protecting the cab in case it rains while the dozer is on the flatbed.

Get Into Place

We suggest you have your dozer out in the area where we will be loading it. This helps to speed up the transport process. You can also prep the area at the drop-off site if needed.

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Platinum Towing & Transport is your one-stop-shop for heavy-haul services in St. Louis. We have years of expertise and the appropriate equipment to complete any project. We are delighted to take care of the whole procedure with our turnkey transportation service with a white-glove approach. Don’t hesitate searching for “towing near me”, and allow us to transport your dozer from Point A to B if you require St. Louis dozer hauling services.