Getting your boom lifts from Point A to Point B.

St. Louis Boom Lift Hauling

When it’s time to move heavy equipment, such as boom lifts, you can’t just hop on I-70 and drive them to where they need to be. You need a heavy haul service. 

At Platinum Towing & Transport, we offer St. Louis heavy equipment transportation for boom lifts, forklifts, and more. We have multiple carriers in our fleet, making it easy to tailor our service to your needs. If you have a boom lift you need to move, let us get it from Point A to Point B.


About Boom Lift Hauling

Boom lifts are major pieces of equipment and represent a significant investment in your business. You don’t want to hand them over to just anyone. 

At Platinum, we have years of experience hauling heavy equipment throughout St. Louis and the right vehicles for the job. For boom lifts, this is a flatbed trailer. If you have multiple pieces of machinery to move, we can combine shipments or offer other vehicles for transport, including heavy-duty tow trucks.

Preparing Boom Lifts for Transport

Prior to transportation, all heavy equipment needs to be properly prepared. We are happy to take care of these steps for you, or you can have your team do them the day before shipment.

Review the Manual

Don’t worry if the paper copy is long gone; most of these can be downloaded online from the manufacturer. Check for any preparation steps needed before transport, such as locking the moving parts in place.

Cover Delicate Spots

Boom lifts are meant to be outdoors, so they are likely going to be fine for the short trip on the open flatbed. However, it is always a good idea to cover vulnerable spots as a precaution. The owner’s manual should clarify what these are.

Get Into Place

While we will gladly retrieve your boom lift from any location, the transport process will move fast if they are already in an open area with easy access to where we will be loading. If you have any ramps or other equipment that could making loading easier, have those nearby as well.