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St. Louis Accident Towing

After an accident, you are left with so many tasks on your plate, all of which need to be taken care of ASAP. Having someone to turn to for fast assistance is essential. Platinum Towing & Transport helps St. Louis motorists with accident towing, taking your vehicle to the mechanic of your choice. 


Breakdown vs. Accident Towing

Most people assume that there is just one kind of towing service, and no matter the reason you cannot move your car on your own, that is what you schedule. In truth, there are many different types of towing services, with breakdown and accident towing being the two most commonly required. 

Breakdown towing is for vehicles that haven’t been in an accident. There are many reasons a car may break down beyond being in an accident, and this makes breakdown towing the most in-demand service we offer. 

Accident towing is for vehicles that have been in some sort of collision and sustained enough damage that driving is either unsafe or illegal. Moving these vehicles often requires special equipment and cleanup services to ensure all parts are transported at the same time.

How to Approach Accident Towing

The first step when needing any towing service is making sure you are safe. If possible, move your vehicle to the right side of the road and as far away from traffic as you can. Put on your hazard lights, and if possible, place cones, flares, and flags to help other motorists avoid your car. 

Take care to only exit your vehicle if you can do so safely. In many cases, the safest place to be after a car accident is in your car with your seatbelt on. 

Next, contact emergency services. When an accident is severe enough to need a tow, you also need to contact the police. They will secure the site and take your report, which you should need for insurance purposes.

After the police indicate it’s a good time, call Platinum Towing & Transport. We will quickly arrive on scene to secure your vehicle and take it to the mechanic of your choosing.