Helping you when disaster strikes.

St. Louis Accident Towing

If you’ve experienced an accident, you have a lot of tasks to juggle, all of which are urgent. Having a towing company to count on is essential. Platinum Towing & Transport offers truck and van accident towing to the St. Louis area, removing your vehicle and taking it to your mechanic. 


Breakdown vs. Accident Towing

Unless you really love towing or are a tow truck operator yourself, you might not realize that there are different types of services. Of these, breakdown and accident towing are the two most common.

Breakdown towing, also called traditional towing, is pretty simple in nature. The tow pulls up to the broken-down truck or van, places the hook, lifts it up, and drives away. The process is straightforward and requires no special equipment. 

Accident towing is for trucks and vans that have been in crashes significant enough that breakdown towing is not appropriate. Moving a damaged vehicle requires special consideration and tools, as well as a degree of cleanup to ensure all parts are transported at once.

How to Approach Accident Towing

The first thing to do after an accident is make sure you and your passengers are safe. If possible, get your truck or van off the road and to the right. Put on your hazard lights, and if it is safe to do so, place cones, flares, and flags around your vehicle. 

After, get to a safe place, which in many cases means returning to your vehicle and putting your seatbelt on. Exercise your best judgment in deciding where to be. From there, contact emergency services. They will secure the site of the accident and make the reports needed for your insurance company. 

Once the police give you the go-ahead, you can call for St. Louis accident towing. The Platinum Towing & Transport team will quickly arrive and remove your vehicle, taking it to the mechanic you choose.